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S23 Ultra preorder!

(Topic created on: 02-11-2023 04:22 PM)
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I am living in the UAE
On 2nd February i did preorder S23 ultra exclusive color. 
Shipping date is 17th... But for exclusive its 26th.
Yesterday i was in Megamall and i found the phone in xiom!! 
They are selling it. 
I really dont care about the color... If i knew... I would bought it from the market!! 
Whats the point of preorder if it's available in the market before us! 
Someone explain please 
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The exclusive colours are not available outside of the Samsung online stores. And through samsung you get a lot of extra stuff 🙈
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What about normal colors... If i knew that i can buy it outside faster than the preorder... I would do!
Moreover it was cheaper than Samsung with buds2pro and 2 other gifts
512gb in xiom for 5350 dhs... On Samsung its 5450
This is not my point
My question is what is the point of preorder!
I ended up waiting for a device thats already available in the market!
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Samething happened to me order special color I will receive 26 and its available on market since last week