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S23 Ultra Pre-Order From Samsung Online

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Samsung Online Store Purchase.

Another year, another Note, i mean S Ultra :)

I can safely say that i had a great year with the S22 Ultra, and that's by far, for me personally, due to the battery life that was always a pain point for me before, but now improved because a combination of several factors which i mentioned in the unit review.

This year, went with the same Phantom black color since I slap on a dbrand skin, and the 512GB variant as i still have till date 200GB of free space on my current 512GB unit.

Benefits of buying from Samsung.com and being a Samsung Member are:

  1. AED500 worth e-voucher that is redeemable during the purchase.
  2. 5x Samsung reward points.
  3. An additional Samsung Care+ year (Total of 2 years)
  4. Samsung Members complementary subscriptions(check screenshot)
  5. Trade in benefits (Check my post from last year where i traded my Notes 20Ultra)
  6. Exclusive colors. 
Honestly it was a no brainer to buy it directly from the online store. I redeemed instantly the e-voucher and got myself some accessories which i'm going to use and gift as i still did not use all of my last year's ones. As for the rewards, i will be sitting on 60k in total after my several purchases which is a nice discount for my next purchace. Regarding the subscriptions that come with the Samsung Members app, i'm already subscribed to all of the offered, but i'll definitely be gifting them. Now it's time to start the Trade In and get rid of the S22 Ultra.

I have attached some screenshots of the benefits I took advantage of, will review as usual the 1st 3 days of use then after 1 month. 

If you are planning to get one, go get it from the Samsung website directly, you will not get any better offer elsewhere, that's for sure, i mean come on, free accessories, extended warranty, redeemable in cash points, free subscriptions, amazing trade in, what are you waiting for?


All the benefits of Samsung MembersAll the benefits of Samsung MembersComplimentary 3 months subscriptionsComplimentary 3 months subscriptions2 year Samsung Care+2 year Samsung Care+e-voucher accessories chosene-voucher accessories chosen


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Congratulations 👏🏻

May I ask how I get the promo code ?
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Jimmy pre-ordered the device. So he got 500 AED off. There are other benefits ranging from 2 years of Samsung care+, 5X reward points, Trade in upto 3,300 AED.

Seems a good deal to me.
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Morning, I'm based in the UAE, you either register your interest(email links, samsung website, samsung members app) prior to 1st of Feb and receive a code by mail, or when you access the Samsung Members app, there's the Pre order tab on top.Screenshot_20230202_082428_Samsung Members_1000040405_1675311888.jpg
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Congratulations 🎊
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Morning, not a subscription as much as being registered to Samsung Members aka owning a Samsung phone and using this forum. Those perks come usually for free with S series, fold, flip and previously notes, but now remodeled as 'insert a code' or under 'for members only' kind of a marketing thing to attact people out of despair (check 2022 sales report) . In the UAE, each 1 AED is equal to a point, so if you pay 1000AED you get now 5000 points which amount to 50AED and can be used on check out. I bought a X AED tv and the galaxy watch 5 and this phone, so there's in my account around a little over 60k(600aed) worth of credits to use. You need to register to the rewards program first, or at least it used to be like this 2 years ago.