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S23 August Updatd Change ( not come to Middle East yet )

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Samsung's Korean branch shared all the changes in the August 2023 update for the Galaxy S23 series.

It turns out that it is a pretty big update!

• In-sensor crop at 2x zoom for photo and video modes. This high-resolution sensor crop is to provide optical zoom-level quality using the main camera.
• 2x zoom shortcut (icon) can be added via the new Camera Assistant update.
• Now, it is also possible to use 2x zoom when using the Super Steady mode.
• AI deep learning-based digital zoom solution is now implemented for the Galaxy S23 series, which can improve the picture quality at specific zoom magnification range.
• When using the 50 MP/200 MP mode, it is now optimised to improve details and reduce noise in the shadows.
• When taking motion photos using the photo mode, the file size is now more optimised.
• When shooting moving subjects using the photo mode, the motion blur is now reduced.
• The camera performance is more optimised to improve various shooting experiences in the photo or video modes (the interval between captures, frame-drop when using Super Steady, and more).
• The effects when using the portrait video mode (big circle, colour point, and glitch effects) are now at 30 fps (they used to be 24 fps).
• When using the front camera, the natural face shape correction has an adjusted intensity.
• When using close-up subjects in the photo mode with the S23 and S23+, the corner softness/blur is now reduced by adjusting the focus position.
Source: @sondesix from Twitter 
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When this update will come to us here in Dubai
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We don't know 🤷‍♂️