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S22 ultra / one ui 5.0 android 13 / battery

(Topic created on: 11-26-2022 08:15 AM)
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Just open the box and update the device its been more than 3 days, but i am not getting the good battery life its draining very fast.
Any suggestion
3 hours 4m sot with 52% left rn.

Thanks in adavance
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As per my experience, it will take a few days to learn your usage pattern. Then it should be OK
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Please try the following:

• Battery Saver mode,
• Adaptive Battery,
• Limit Battery to 85%.

All these settings can be found under:
Settings> Device care> Battey> More Battery settings.

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New phone's AI will take time to understand your usage pattern. Till then be patient.

Meanwhile you can turn ON adaptive battery, and set processing speed to optimised.

Good luck 👍
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Had observed that battery life depends also on how long you are connected and active online regardless what phone model you have. The more time you are browsing and watching videos (youtube, tiktok, fb reels, etc.), the faster the battery life drains. Suggest to limit watching videos while outside with a limited charging source unless you have powerbank with you all the time. 😉