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S22 Ultra Lagging Probably Faulty

(Topic created on: 07-05-2022 06:42 PM)
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Galaxy S
Got the S22 Ultra on launch (pre-order) and has been giving issues with the camera and the overall experience from day one. Been through 4 original Samsung screen protectors as I've been experiencing touch issues with the device, keyboard lag, ghost touches and overall typing experience. With and without the protectors.

Even used the phone without the cover as well. Wiped it twice now and configured my settings as per forums. Used multiple keyboards. The camera quality is as if the photo was from a J5. Does not focus, after the wipe my photos are not optimized.

It feels like I'm working on a phone with a touch screen from 2009. (Samsung Star vibes)

My overall experience on this phone is down the drain as I don't want to use it anymore. Considering going back to my Note 9 which was working perfectly fine before upgrading 

The June update still hasn't fixed anything as it just made it worse.

Starting to think this phone is faulty out of the box. 
Before my 7 days was up, I thought the software updates would rectify the issue but I was wrong.

Sad thing is I'm stuck with it for three years.
Resale value already dropped below 50%.

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Galaxy S

Hi DSage

We are sorry for the experience. Kindly take the device to one of our nearest accredited service centres for an inspection. Please use link below to locate a service centre near you