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S22 Ultra Camera

(Topic created on: 03-28-2023 02:36 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S
So i bought the phone for the UHD (4K) 0.6 wide angle camera. But now that i have it, I am extremely disappointed at the fact that the phone does not support flash at wide angle! Not just that, it even forces the 3rd party apps such as snapchat and Instagram (which do let me turn on the flash at 0.6 wide) to turn the flash off at 0.6 wide after a few seconds into the recording! I've read the company's reasoning as to why they don't let the flash to be used at 0.6 wide but i strongly disagree after seeing that the pictures and videos i take (even the night mode pictures of people standing close) look way better with flash in 0.6 wide angle! Just a simple update to fix this but alas its very sad.