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S22 Trade In Promo

(Topic created on: 06-09-2022 11:22 AM)
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Galaxy S
I have made a claim on 2 S22 devices.
The trade in was approved on 23 may, and payment was committed to for 9 june
2 x R10000

On 28 may, I was asked to confirm my bank account details, in order for the payment to be processed.
When I confirmed the bank details, 
I received that the payment will be processed "as per below"
Which was for 9 June.

Today, 9 June, I have not received payment.
On my enquiry, I received a response from Samsung through regerer8, their third party agent, that 

Hi There,


Our sincere apologies. We know your payment date for the Samsung Guaranteed Value Campaign has lapsed. This is unfortunately out of Regener8’s hands.


Please see a note from Samsung South Africa below:


"Dear Customer,


Samsung South Africa apologises for the delay in your payment. The Samsung S22 Series Guaranteed Value Campaign has been such a success that we have run into a bit of backlog.

Please bear with us. Your Guaranteed Value will be remitted within the next 7 business days.


If we are able to process it sooner, we will.


Thank you for your patience


Many Thanks

Samsung South Africa"

So this message was only sent upon my enquiry, and not even before the payment was due.
So I suppose that had I not enquired, that I would not have received any notification 

First, how can samsung run into a backlog?

And this is a payment commitment.
The trade up /in has already been processed.
The work has been done.
It's not like someone is making a manual payment.

They already have a company they have outsourced.
That company has completed the work.

I think that samsum are being disingenuous with their promo.

There are new promos now, for the S22
And the Z series.
How do they run promos when they supposedly cannot cope with the current backlog.
I hope that other prospective buyers are aware that the promo is not all its supposed to be.
And be prepared to wait an extended period to be paid.

Galaxy S

Hi DP0101,

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please send a detailed email attention to Tsogo_sam05 to

Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S
I have sent an email for your attention