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S21 ultra updates issue

(Topic created on: 10-01-2022 12:03 AM)
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Guys I am in UAE and my phone S21 ultra is from USA. It is running Android 11 .I am not receiving any updates . I contact US Samsung online they told me contact middle east Samsung . Middle east Samsung told me it can't be updated here must go to USA for Android 12 updates. Is anyone have solution ?
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this is the issue with USA devices. you wont receive any updates outside USA, in other words you have to go back in order to get updates 😓
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Never buy the device if it's not for sale in specific regions/Country... If u do stay in the Middle East buy the devices stating Middle East Versions especially when it comes to phones.
There's a chance that the service of the regions where you are staying won't work with global Versions Ex. Sim/Network support, Software etc..
I had an experience with Google Pixel years back.
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Put usa sim and try to update