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S21 Ultra having several issues.

(Topic created on: 03-08-2023 10:43 PM)
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Bought this phone 2021 may, after a 8 month of purchase phone suddenly stopped getting cell signal and went to service. They kept it for week to repair, they did repair it but they did the job so bad that the glue was all over my camera from inside.I told the representative about it but instead of fixing the problem they downright blame me that the glue was there when i gave my phone for repair. That phone was never opened how was that even possible? They didn't want to fix it and i didn't push because the glue was there but it was not effecting the camera performance.

Now almost one year after the repair i have same issue with the phone and its not under warranty. Contacted Samsung for assistance but they cannot do anything cuz its not under warranty. Repairing cost is so expensive that i can buy decent new phone(definitely not Samsung). I was a Samsung fan boy. Using Samsung since they had small flip and slide phones. But the customer service is worst among other brands. Probably switching to Google or xiaomi. 
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Unfortunately their products should be boycotted or a collective complaint should be filed against them
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Yea agreed 💯