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S21 Ultra Poor Battery

(Topic created on: 12-16-2021 06:40 AM)
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Galaxy S
Good Day
I have come to realise that after the November security update my battery drains quicker on S21 Ultra. Its gotten worse after Android 12 update. Its not fast charging either. It says fast charging but it takes 3 hours to charge from 20% to 74% with a Samsung S10 fast charging brick. I also used the A70 fast charging brick and that one provides super fast charging but that is not working either. When the supercharge says 34 minutes to fully charged it takes almost 2 hours. I changed cables with those bricks as well. I have most apps on deep sleep, alot set to not use background activity and in the batery usage stats play store services takes most batery usage which is about 10%. I dont use 5G and is set to LTE. After I use an app I always close all from the all opened apps menu so that its nothing is running in the background. My refresh rate set to 60h. My always on display is disabled as well. 
Please help
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Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S

I have a Samasung Galaxy S10 5G , then I had a update for android 12, I gave it , but after update install and restart device not show which time it need to sonload , so charging speed is very slow. What can I do for that !