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S21 Ultra Green Line

(Topic created on: 04-20-2023 03:36 AM)
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I've been using the S21 Ultra mobile for more than two years. I had a positive experience with it, and it's one of the best smartphones ever made. My gadget had a software upgrade last week, and I'm done with it. Following that, for the past three days, I have noticed a vertical green line on the right side of my phone's screen. 

I can assure you that my phone did not fall or suffer any physical harm to the screen or other sections of the mobile body.

While researching this problem online, I found that various flagship models from the S series and Note series are currently experiencing these green line issues after software updates. 

Therefore, kindly take this matter seriously and lend me your strong support.

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Same issue here. Updated to Android 13 for S21 Ultra and got the green  line lights on top of phone.

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I have the same issue contact Samsung support and email them to file a complaint request for a free screen replacement SmartSelect_20230228_150448_Samsung Members_1000000098_1677576888.jpg
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Same here got a pink line 😩💔