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S21 Ultra Camera Review Through My View

(Topic created on: 01-28-2022 05:25 PM)
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Hello Samsung Universe, my name is Adnan and I m a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S Series Mobile Phones. I have used S21 Ultra camera for an year now and here is my review: 
The S21 Ultra camera is really awesome. 
With UHD recording support across all the front and rear cams and the amazing video stabilisation that create a smooth video recording makes the phone "Loving It". 
The 8k video feature is a big deal here as it produces stunning HDR video clips with richer vivid colors and isn't it amazing to have 8k video in a phone? 
The 100x zoom is one of my favourite as it takes us to the moon as if we are inches away from the moon and it still takes a good quality shot of the moon at 100x. 
The 108mp photos look like as if taken from a professional DSLR camera. 
The night mode is the best as it captures the low light shots very well and the night sky looks so beautiful filled with stars. 
The directors view is a unique feature that allows to switch between the rear cams and the front camera on while recording live. 
The pro mode on both the photo and video makes the camera more powerful that enables us to adjust the scene lighting and balance the colors as desired. 
The Portrait mode of both the photo and video is amazing that crops the subject intelligently and beautifully blurs the back ground making the scene cinematic. 
The ultra wide camera is an extra wide angle allowing us to capture the maximum of the shot. The Hyperlapse can record upto UHD videos with different speed settings giving us more control over the motion. 
The super slow motion feature is cool as it records the video at 960 fps, isn't it wow. 
Let me know about your experience and i would love to hear your thoughts about the S21 Ultra camera. See you soon.

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Thanks for sharing this review! We love hearing back from Members 📣

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