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S21 ULTRA Pink line on display

(Topic created on: 11-02-2023 08:07 PM)
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Yesterday (2nd Nov 2023) I woke up to a very bright pink line on my S21 Ultra and I wasn't sure what caused it, I'm usually a very careful person with my phone hence, I was 100% sure I didn't drop the phone before I got this random display line. 

I spoke to Samsung through WhatsApp on it, and I tried all the steps they asked me to do, still it wasn't going anywhere. After reading and researching all day what I found was this was due to the latest OneUI software update and all Series of Galaxy S models (higher that 10 mostly) has been constantly getting this issue. 

I was also surprised to see many owners of S21 Ultra here in Sri Lanka got the same issue exactly yesterday. 

I'm usually a very dedicated member when it comes to Samsung products ( I have an entire ecosystem of their products) but this was a MAJOR turn off. ABSOLUTELY DISAPPOINTED! will not be investing in any Samsung related products again!



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Hi.. Samsung is now offering a free display replacement program for selected device models that are having these issues including S21 Ultra. So if your device brought from Samsung SL or their authorized partners/dealers, you can claim for a free display replacement even if the warranty is over due. ☺️
You'll charge only around Rs.4,000-6,000 as for labour charge 🙂