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S20 Ultra Screen Discolouration

(Topic created on: 04-22-2021 11:10 AM)
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Galaxy S

My phone is just out of warranty so i have been using it for 13 months and went for a phone appraisal for trade in and was informed that phone has lost 90% of its value due to screen discoloration. I want to know how a premium phone which costs $1,500 has its screen burned out in 13 months, just as the warranty expired! And as far as I remember this was never a point they took for trade ins but suddenly discolouration is to be seen making me think they know about this problem and are scamming people.

I have been a Samsung user since Galaxy S3. But now will switch to a new brand due this ridiculous sub par product they are selling as a premium product.

PS. I have never dropped the phone, using a proper screen protector and cover, do not overcharge it or play games on this! 

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Galaxy S
Hi Dear

I my self had a same issue I don't want to change my phone but I tried to see how much difference do I have to pay or I will be getting it from them so I did try to trade my note 20 ultra 5g used barley 5 to 6 months with S21 plus I was shocked I got the price for my phone 1300dhs and I bought this more then 4000++
Samsung is really good phones and electronics but value drops down really badly 😢 and I got the entertainment from 6 months of offers but trust me from day one till now the application is not Working,to buy any Samsung phones anymore and I know how you feeling ..