Beginner Level 2
In this review I'll be focusing on what could be improved in the S series as a normal user. 

The camera stability can be highly improved, infact it isn't even stable under super steady mode. The video shakes to the slightest bumps and turn. When I compare my s10 with iPhone xs, the s10 looked like a budget phone. 

The battery life didn't perform as I expected. During the first 4-5 months the battery life was ok not great but ok. Then after a few months I had to start charging the phone twice a day even tho my phone was on power saving mode. So that was one of the biggest disappointments. 

During the release of the S10, samsung introduced adobe rush. In my opinion it wasn't helpful, it was hard to use and lacked features. If samsung could create an app like the imovie which is for the iPhone, which can be easy to use and has all the basic features. 

Apart from a few issues S10 is a great phone with a lot of features.