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Rewards points not showimg Samsung rewards aft

(Topic created on: 12-05-2023 08:15 PM)
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Have purchased s23 ultra and the estimated rewards shows 31400 points but the Reward points are not showing on Samsung rewards app .Support team pls assist or anyone who had similar issue after purchase.

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Thank you for choosing Samsung. You can redeem them on Samsung Store. Points may be redeemed for products on Samsung.com.
If you want to redeem points accumulated in your Samsung Rewards account, follow the next steps:
Run your Samsung Rewards app and go to the “Samsung Members” menu.

Tap on the “Benefits” option and click on the “Samsung Rewards” button.

On this screen, tap the “Redeem” button and check all the rewards that you can choose.

When you choose the reward you want, tap on it and select “Redeem points”.
Before making your next purchase, ensure that you have signed into your Samsung Account. Samsung Rewards will be an option for payment at the time of checkout.