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Review of S21 FE 5G

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One of the reasons that concerns me is that I have recently purchased Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G , Graphite Black at 53000 rupees , and to be honest I am more or less satisfied with this product, two things that I have noticed are that the skin color processing that the phone does is making every skin tone look a bit pale , and when you will swipe to recent apps just for a second the camera will show the real skin tone , which made me realise the potential of the camera and the actual selfies i was getting were not upto the mark , I'd request samsung developers to look into this and focus on the nanosecond skin tone while going to the recent apps window . The other thing that has disappointed me is that there are zero complimentary/introductory offers on this product , even the newly launched A seriesodel A73 5G has an offer of ₹500 for Galaxy Buds Live, while the S22 and S22 ultra have buds and galaxy watch offers . The S21 FE although a very capable device , feels a lot less rewarding purchase . Its my humble request for Team Samsung to look into this matter and let all the S21 FE owners at least get a chance to avail offers on Buds Or Galaxy watch as we want to get into the Samsung ecosystem.
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Does YouTube work fine? In my phone it keeps freezing. Sometimes i am unable to watch any video, keeps buffering. And since other media apps work fine, it means issue is only with YouTube. I have updated the app to latest version.
Previously i had s10 lite, never faced such issue 🤦🏽
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Yes iam facing youtube issue since 20 days not sure after March 2022 security update... First voice is playing after 5 seconds video will be playing. Even this issue exist when we fast forward/ revind videos. I have already posted this issue in forum. Couple of people commented that they were also facing this issue.
Note: I have found one temporary solution for this, long press youtube app -> click on settings & clear the cache. If it doesn't work then restart device. But as I said this is not exact solution it would again start struck/freeze after 20 mins...
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After March update I am facing the same issue with my s21fe
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