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1)Install bxActions
bxActions is free to download from the Google Play Store, so either head on over there and search for it by name, or use the link below to grab the app and customize your S9's Bixby button to better suit your needs.
2)Grant Usage Access
With bxActions successfully installed, open the app and tap "Next" on the welcome page. Before you can use it, you'll need to grant various permissions to get it to fully work. So tap on "Get foreground app" to enable it to access your usage data and get the ball rolling.

3)Enable the Accessibility Plugin
After granting bxActions permission to monitor your usage, you'll be taken back to the initial setup screen automatically. Tap the second toggle to enable the Accessibility plugin, then scroll down and select "bxActions - Bixby button." From there, tap the toggle at the top of the screen, then press "OK" on the popup. After that, tap on your back button to head back to the bxActions app, then select "Done."

4)Enable the Service
If it didn't do so automatically, tap on the play icon to start the service manually. Doing so will take you to a "Buttons" page, so follow the previous step to toggle "Bixby button" on. Exit out of "Buttons" once you're done granting permission and go back to the main page.

bxActions gives you an option to further optimize its performance by granting it more permissions via ADB commands. Once done, the app will be able to distinguish between long and short presses, and give it the ability to directly intercept commands as opposed to constant tracking via the usage access. Tapping on on "Please unlock permissions using a PC" reveals the instructions for this step.

Please note that running ADB commands to grant bxActions further permissions it totally optional, and we've found that the app runs perfectly fine without it. If you want to perform this step, however, do so carefully, and be sure to check out our guide if you need to brush up on the subject.

5)Choose a New Action for Your Bixby Button
The Bixby button on your S9 is now ready for remapping. Tap on "Actions" within the main page to get started, then select "Bixby" once you're inside. From there, tap on "Standard action" to proceed to the "Choose action" page.

The "Choose action" page contains a list of all the available commands you can assign to your phone's Bixby button.
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