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Recommendation for Samsung

(Topic created on: 04-16-2020 07:22 AM)
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Galaxy S
Hi, samsung i have a tip for you regarding user/customer demand that please launch some kind of application or provide some software update in which you give option to user of samsung phone to change screen refresh rate of cell phone from 60 Hz which is default to 90 Hz atleast so that user can enjoy according to themselves not according to samsung. Moreover, as i have samsung S10 lite and it has powerful processor, ram and gpu which can easily handle 90Hz refresh rate but samsung doesnt allow us however, it consumes the battery more which is the will of consumer to use it or not at the stake of battery drain, samsung dont have to worry about it because its totally depend upon consumer usage.
Thankyou samsung for listening to us, i hope you will definitely work on it because its not a difficult task at all and make your consumer happy as always and gain their trust. Thanks