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Pubg mobile on Galaxy S20 plus (exynos) is so lagging

(Topic created on: 03-14-2020 05:52 PM)
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Why pubg on new S20 plus is lagging? Is this not optimized? or Is it a problem of Exynos processor?

COD seems working flawlessly without any frame drop. 

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First, U need an extra cooling system (like a fan, or something else *not refrigerator)..


Second, do a routine repair everytime u open PUBG Mobile.. yeah this kinda annoying, but only use < 50MB data..


Third, try to get stable connection.. my S20+ was lagging when i'm playing with mobile data (maybe, this is my bad).. i'm always using WiFi (Recommended)..


And then, whalaa.. no fps drop (smooth ultra)

I've playing with my squad in 95% battery for 3.5 hours (and there's 40% left).. the exynos 990 isn't that bad

Otherwise my Antutu score was 510465 (beating asus ROG 2, OMG)

I believe this mali didn't optimized yet


Uninstalling game optimization? Hmm i think that's a bad idea.. I never do it, because it sound's risky for my hardware (especially caused by heat)..

Maybe Android 11 would fix this problem? Hmm.. let's see

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same problem any solution?
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Still no solution ???

I have a S20+ 4g that works very good. I bought a S20 ultra and i am vers disapointed. Very laggy. Both phone have same Exynos 990 !! How is it possible ?? I tried all the optimizations found on internet, nothing works. It is a shame for a flagship, Samsung what are you doing ?!

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Same issues with exynos 990. Pubg frame drops to dead....Sumtym  game got worst..didn't expect this from a so called flagship processor  from samsung!!

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Lagging normally happens due to these reasons:

  • Low Battery - this might cause the device to automatically enable the battery saver mode that prevents the use of higher resources causing lag.
  • Poor network connection
  • Storage Full
  • Low CPU and RAM

The common solutions are:

  • Charge your battery full before playing.
  • Play on a fast internet connection.
  • Clean Up Internal Storage, Temporary Files, and Cache Files.

For CPU and RAM, there is one option that is under our control. But first, I don't recommend low spec devices for gaming. If you are dedicated to playing games, it is always good practice to check the hardware type before purchasing.

Now, first of all, RAM and CPU are consumed by the apps that run in your background. We can clear those by tapping on the left soft key. Still, some apps might run in the background that could cause the lag. Moreover, the transition animations and similar stuff might consume the CPU.

Again, the solution that I am about to share with you is kinda risky because it could stop other background apps. So, continue at your own risk.

  1. First of all, open settings.
  2. Tap on "About Phone".
  3. Scroll down and continuously tap on Build Number 7 to 10 times.
  4. Next, enter your device password or PIN to unlock the "Developer Options".
  5. After that, press the back button to go to the main menu of Settings.
  6. Tap on "Developer Options".
  7. Scroll Download and enable "Don't keep activities". This option will destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it. Therefore, after enabling this, make sure to save data before leaving, otherwise, you will lose progress.
  8. Also, tap on "Background process limit" and select "No background processes".
  9. [Optional] Also enable "Force allow apps to write on external storage.

Note: Enabling these options will kill all the background processes while you are playing the game. Thus, all the CPU and RAM resources will be consumed by the game only while you are playing it. Likewise, you can turn these options off anytime when you don't need them.

This has been a common solution for me for a long time.