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Pre order fraud By Samsung

(Topic created on: 07-14-2022 04:53 AM)
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Galaxy S
I bought my s22 from ishopping on 20 may and was delivered on 17 June, as I was out of country, I didn't open the phone and only opened it on 7th July at which time I opened the Samsung members app and generated voucher code for buds 2. When I went to the redemption page the voucher code didn't work, odd. So I called help line, but it was late to it was closed, so I complained on WhatsApp, provided them all the info requested. 
Next day I called the help line on 8, and they had no info of my complaint, so I put in a new complaint, gave them all the info again. Then due to Eid holidays I became quiet and waited.
Today I called the help line and they said they cannot help me as the code was already used on 24 June. Which is not possible, as the phone wasn't opened till 7th July, and even in the Samsung members app it says code generated on 7th July, whose validity starts at 8th July. How can a code whose validity starts at 8th July, be used 2 weeks before on 24th June? Very shady. Another thing is that the voucher code has disappeared from my account after I complained.

What kind of scam is Samsung Pakistan running? I don't expect such fradulant and disappointing activity from a multinational like Samsung. I don't think I am going to get the buds from them, but I'd like to warn everyone else, to stay clear of this company.....
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Galaxy S
So disappointing 😞
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Very disappointing
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Galaxy S
Yes I had a similar experience when I pre-ordered s22 ultra. Don't give such offers if you don't have the means to fulfill them, Samsung. Pathetic.