How AI helps to improve gaming experience? Thermal control with high performance is very important for 3D graphics intensive games. But the requirements of high frame-rate and lower temperature are conflicting goals. The system resources such as CPU & GPU need to process heavy loads consistently to deliver high frame-rate, which in turn could cause the device to heat up and thereafter system could be throttled to achieve cooling. This will cause frame drops and poor stability. This is how traditional thermal control systems are designed to work. To overcome these limitations, Machine Learning is used to build a system which learns continuously and adapts for different game, gamer and device behaviours and automatically finds trade-offs between temperature and performance dynamically at runtime. It works via on device learning automatically for all devices and games without the need for any external (offline) learning and tuning. Benefits upto 20% improved battery life(during gaming) or performance (frame-rate & stability) can be expected while playing many popular games such as PUBG Mobile.