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Power Apps for a Power User.. #GoodGuardian

(Topic created on: 04-19-2022 03:15 PM)
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Well, something that isnt available in the UAE yet.
The Samsung Good Guardian app and its modules.

If you are a power user, who wants even more control and optimization over your Samsung device, definitely get this app.

It gives you more control when it comes to Battery Management, Performance of the device... **bleep** it even helps you recover files which have been otherwise deleted from your device.

The battery tracker and guardian help you get the most juice for that day you forget to charge your device.

App booster, thermal guardian and memory guardian help make sure your device is running at peak Performance all the time.
Knowing the summers here, the thermal guardian is an app that'll definitely make sure you're running efficiently.


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Hi there,
File guardian won't work on android 12 devices 😞 😞. It was such a useful module that it can even restore WhatsApp image deleted by sender😭😭
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Média File Guardian Does Shows Up In My Device
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There are 2 types of file guardian.
1. File guardian
2. Media file guardian.

The first one is like a recycle bin which recycles everything. Even the media files on cache. It can even recover WhatsApp deleted media files.

Second one just check for damages media files and the one without dates.

The first one which is more useful stopped working on android 12.Screenshot_20220420-193435_File Guardian.jpgScreenshot_20220420-193513_Good Guardians_325762_1650468913.jpg
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Download it from APK Mirror Website
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We want this to come officially in GCC even we have it from non official source but official is better