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Poor Signal Reception . I am using S9 for 8-10 months while my wife has S8

(Topic created on: 04-21-2019 06:19 PM)
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I use S9 while my wife use S8+ but in same home at same place her mobile always have more signals than mine.  

Also I noticed that many time people told me my mobile is out of reach but my wife mobile is reachable.

More surprising is the fact that we both have same company SIM so network cannot be an issue.

Can anyone help?

As you can see I am in a place where minimum 3 signals should come but it's still showing 2.
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Hi, I recommend you to try the following: 

  1. Test a different SIM from another provider. 
  2. Try to turn off the 4G and check if the Signal will get stronger. 
  3. Test your device in safe mode. 
  4. Visit the service center to check your network chipset and confirm if there any problem with your device.