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Pink line issue

(Topic created on: 10-02-2022 08:53 PM)
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My samsung galaxy s20 plus display pink line issue can you replace my display free cost in my country?? Srilanka 
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Hi... sorry to hear that 😐
At the moment customer has to bear the replacement cost if the device is out of warranty and if you looking to replace it from a Samsung service center. And If you are out of warranty, you may have to pay around Rs. 125,000 for an original display replacement. I'm suggesting to you use your current display as much as you can and make sure to backup your phone data to a somewhere secure place in case your display is completely lost. Meanwhile, try to use Link to Windows or Samsung Dex when it possible. Sometimes It'll be helpful to slow down the display usage and possibly help to use last long the display. But this is not 100% sure and can't guarantee. Just a suggestion.

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Thank you 😊
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I think what you saying srilanka samsung service not provided
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I mean they're not providing the service for "free" if the device is out of warranty. I asked from a service center in few months back.
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This is a common hardware problem. I would suggest you go to any service centre to replace your phone screen. If the unit is out of warranty, you must pay for the replacement.

Unfortunately, the replacement cost for the original display will be higher. But that's the only solution.

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Thanks... 👍