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Phone getting heat

(Topic created on: 04-16-2023 12:07 AM)
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Galaxy S
I am not using fast charging. Location, bluetooth, wifi, data everything is off. Clear history and cache. Phone is always on power saving mode. Eye comfort shield and extra dim option is always on. Remove animation option is on.
Still my phone gets heat. What is the problem with samsung mobile s22 ultra. If your high end Mobile series is unable to manage above option then what is the use to spend such big money. It will be better to buy a 10k rupees Mobile.
I am not at all happy with samsung device.
In this competitive market where you want us to pay 100k+ rupees for smart phones then you must provide the facilities and option in Mobile.
I will strictly not recommend anyone again and neither I will go for samsung again.
Galaxy S
Is this a new device? If you have updated to the latest software, restart the device. I'm using the device for more than a year and is not facing this issue.

P. S. Extra dim option is not recommended to be always on as it disrupts the colours and brightness and can ruins the quality. But that should not affect the battery healthy.
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Please follow these steps:

• Adaptive Battery,
• Delete unnecessary apps and avoid filling up your storage above 80%.
• Optimise device in device care.
• Analyse the apps that consume more battery and then sleep or deep sleep those apps.
• Avoid using the phone in extreme temperatures.
• Update the device to the lastest firmware.
• Don't use the device while charging,
• Switch off unnecessary features I.e. switch off Bluetooth, location, prevent using majority of the time the device brightness above 75%.
• Restart,
• Send a error report if the issue persists.
• As a last step, I recommend visiting a Samsung service centre.

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