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With every new update, Samsung keeps adding more and more features but nothing is really being done to optimize the software. The battery drain is horrible. Please remove all unncessary features and apps like Galaxy Friends. Im certain that almost nobody uses it. Im using an s22, bigger battery than the iphone 13 but it still fails to come close to the battery life on the 13. Really disappointed with my purchase.
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You are right, I am not going to say remove unnecessary features but I am going to say Optimize the phones better or let the user to remove what they don't want it. Because there is some features me and you don't need it but still there is many other people who need it.
Also, you can do these steps to help you.
1st try to delete all apps that you don't need it or put it in sleep or deep sleep
2nd stop Sync for account that you don't need
3rd update your phone
4th download this app
Then Galaxy App Booster app from this link:

After that you open Samsung Good Guardians then Galaxy App Booster then press Optimize Now
This way you can use it one time every month or after updates


Finally you can check Internet for other ways