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One UI 6.0 is Samsung's latest software based on Android 14 and a beta version h

(Topic created on: 09-08-2023 12:10 PM)
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Galaxy S

While previous One UI updates focused mostly on the performance and other tweaks, One UI 6.0 brings a big and much needed visual overhaul to the system. A new system font makes it look more modern, a new dropdown menu just makes more sense, and new emoji replace the outdated style with a more modern twist in line with all other platforms.

It's not just that: Samsung has re-worked the Camera app interface, so that it is a lot more intuitive and there are little tweaks here and there and all of them make a positive impact.

So let's waste no time and dive right into what exactly has changed with Samsung One UI 6.0.

*This article is based on a Samsung One UI 6.0 beta running on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. Some changes could happen to this software until its final release in the fall.