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One UI 4.0 expectations

(Topic created on: 02-18-2022 07:29 AM)
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Galaxy S
To those who just received one UI 4.0, is it living up to your expectations because those who are waiting for the update, don't have high expectations...

The colour pallete doesn't change everything including the icons. It's like half baked at this moment, only Samsung apps change colours, infact themes do a better job of changing the colours. 

Battery optimisation is ok just limits charging to 85%, other apps can do the same. 

The camera gets numbers for zoom instead of trees. The Pro modes are updated but do you usually use it? 

Privacy dashboard is nice, you get universal switches to switch off camera and microphone access. The notification of which app is utilising your camera or mic wears off. 

You can record voice notes from the lockscreen and change your audio output as well without unlocking.

Gallery introduces better stories but who really cares about that, remastering of pictures and better editing.

I find the sharing page more frustrating than the old version which is better, the slimmer version is isn't friendly. 

Samsung dex makes more Windows resize able. And the rest is just meh. 
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Galaxy S
There are 1 or 2 features that I use and like but it's not all it's cracked up to be. With all the hype and media activity I expected a lot more + a lot of people who have done the upgrade have reported problems on this Member's App. Of greater concern to me is that Samsung made a commitment by publishing a roll out schedule for the One UI 4 update and they failed miserably. Lot of angry and disgruntled customers out there.
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Galaxy S
The upgrade schedule is a mess but when people get the update they will be deflated immediately because there is nothing much to it. I have been using it on my S21 and immediately noticed this, so I wasn't rushing for my S10 because there isn't much to it.