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(Topic created on: 11-20-2022 02:40 PM)
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Galaxy S
Your service deserves a one star rating.
No wonder Apple is better than you. 
You'll never be better than Apple. 

And one UI is not even that interesting, trying to make it look like iOS 16. 

These aren't insults but facts. 
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Galaxy S
OneUI doesn't look remotely close to iOS, they might have taken the lockscreen method of Customisation but generally they are not the same.

The layout and design is different. You should label that towards your Xiaomis and Oppos.

If you're not happy with Samsung why don't you go join the Apple ecosystem
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Galaxy S
I am just waiting for my new phone to arrive next month, as I said to them on Twitter I have had enough.

The lock screen feature kicked in a few days after iOS 16 was launched and you're telling me they aren't taking tips from Apple the trendsetters.

😂 please Xiamois' OS features a way better version of Android 12 and 13. I have used Samsung devices for quite some time the UI looks the same with the addition of some features and plenty of bugs.

I am tired, I hate it and that's why I got a new phone so all the best on One UI 👋
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Galaxy S
It's clear that your knowledge about Samsung and Apple's software is skewed towards Apple. Samsung had similar lock screen customistions for years now through Good Lock.

If you mean in terms of software updates. You can't compare a company that makes 5 phones in a year to a company that makes 20+ phones.

In terms of customisation, Apple is not better than any Android phone.
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Galaxy S
Lmao. Dude you need to chill a bit, the more you speak is the more you expose your lack of knowledge, you're just going with the wind and I know you'll calm down soon as the update gets to you. I don't even believe that you're getting an iPhone. 😂😂
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Galaxy S
Samsung will always be the OVERALL King of the cellular market. Apple only changed their boring design of their phones now and the IOS is so boring and outdated. Every IOS version looks the same. Android will always beat IOS