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ONE UI 6.0

(Topic created on: 08-23-2023 02:11 PM)
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Galaxy S
When are we getting the new beta ui 6.0?
Do we (South African) always have to be the last to enjoy Samsung benefits? Why do they release only to certain countries before others?
Can't they release the update to all of us at the same time?
This is not fair. 
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S

I understand your frustration.

Samsung rolls out updates and new features gradually for various reasons. These reasons might include:

Testing and Optimization: Releasing updates to a smaller group of users initially allows the company to identify and fix any potential bugs or issues before a wider release. This helps prevent major problems for a larger user base.

Geographical Considerations: Sometimes, updates are released in specific regions or countries first due to logistical, regulatory, or language-related considerations. It's not necessarily about favoring certain regions.

Network and Infrastructure: The rollout of updates requires a significant amount of network and server resources. Gradual releases help manage the load on their systems more effectively.

User Feedback: Early releases to a limited audience allow the company to gather user feedback and make improvements based on real-world usage.

Device Compatibility: Different devices and regions might have varying hardware capabilities and software configurations. This can lead to differences in update timing.

Cultural Considerations: Sometimes, companies take into account cultural and usage differences in different regions to ensure a smoother user experience upon release.

While it can be frustrating to wait for updates, the staggered release approach is typically aimed at ensuring a more stable and positive experience for all users in the long run.


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Africa must cut away from the west and west manipulation of everything, even ordinary samsung updates come very late when everyone has enjoyed, then boom they remember africa...
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Galaxy S
It's bull **bleep** that we are deprived due to our market. Samsung SA needs to look into this. We never have any betas