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Note 10+ giving unknown error for videos captured

(Topic created on: 11-01-2020 02:04 PM)
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Getting unknown error when I try to open videos recorded through the mobile. I am unable to open photos as well.

This problem is occurring since the last 2 days only. The videos and photos are stored on the memory card. The earlier video and pictures on the same card opens. 

I restarted phone, cache removed and tried with vlc player too took the memory card to the laptop and same problem. 

These videos and pictures are taken on a special occasion and I need to retrieve them. 
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Hi there, 

Please back up first the videos and photos to a PC and check if they are viewable. If it is, then the file is not corrupted. After that, try  format the phone and restore again the photos.

Or, please call the call center and request remote assitance.

Hope this helps!