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My perspective, prove me wrong!

(Topic created on: 08-07-2020 10:10 AM)
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Galaxy S
We had the launch event of the Galaxy note 20 and the days to come after it , I had my own thoughts,but I waited what the world would say about this. I knew qhat was coming.Look careful what the news say in this link,and look how the world is already turned against this device,the device did not even land properly and it's already compared to a much feature less apple. Apple topics always read: Stunning new iPhone.  Eye popping device.  Most powerful device. Indeed a contagious disease that is spread through clever marketing campaigns, and the samsung always ended up being the black sheep. America,even on the keynote they have americans who looks and sound like a person who narrates national geography, that want to tell me this is the device that I as a normal person should have. Here is the link,read for yourself just below yoi will see my problem with this:

Let's get this out of the way, you should not be paying R37000 for a top of the range device,and I don't want to justify it. But let me compare so that you understand my point. 
The iphone is a R1000 less for a model that came out last year,and nothing bad was said about that,instead they only show us the non flagship devices,and if they show us the one with the 3 alien eyed cameras,they show the one with the smallest memory, so the top of the range is cleverly hidden and they even use the lower end models and compare it with last year's models,and tell you the prices are the same or even cheaper depending on your country. 
Now with samsung the blacksheep,you get stuff like: samsung has a new device,but the price is not gonna be pretty, or like this link I posted that says the device is pricey. Which is the opposite on iphone. Iphone even went to such an extent not to let a villain be filmed with an iphone.
So here is my comparison:
The note is a R1000 more than last year's iphone 11 in this day and time. You get a stylus,the best phone screen in the phone industry,and extremely good cameras,that will even be in the iphone 12,in fact the iphone has the same maker of screen and memory chips,all made by samsung. The note has a massive battery,120 hz refresh rate screen,5g,memory expansion slot,comes with a fast charger,dedicated health app,samsung pay which by the way is a world first technology iphone can't even come close to that,you have samsung dex built in and 15 gig google cloud and 15 gig of samsung cloud storagr and up to 12 gig of ram. To make the deal even sweeter samsung throw in a R4000 cash voucher ,their accessories are much cheaper than those of iphone . Samsung is also not fussy to work with 3rd party chargers and cables like iphone. Samsung even has a fast charger included in the box and reverse wireless charging and to top it all samsung actually makes their own brand wireless chargers.  Samsung even has a care program for broken screens. You pay a small amount once off and then a broken screen repair is less than R2000. 
So what makes Ios better,or so they say:
Bionic chip,a few milliseconds faster than samsung. More efficient battery usage as the os uses less power. Better camera software and more refined apps and better sync acros devices of ios. Longer period of updates.Is it really that big deal? I can then argue that samsung uses a better assistant,if you use google,I can argue google maps are better than apple maps,I can argue c - type charging is better. I can argue the screen of samsung is brighter and works better in bright sunlight. Samsung have a more close relationship with microsoft,which have cheaper devices than the mackbook, and is getting better each year ,and a better relationship with google and are also now joining hands with xbox. Atleast you still get security updates even if the os does not update .Most devices have a battery life for 3 years in any way,and mostly buy a new device after 3 years.So the story goes on.
 So its for you to decide if you want the villian of phones. But understand my point what money and marketing does to a brand,and this is my point ,who agree to disagree? What do you want in a device, what is important to you?

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Galaxy S
Samsung is better only in fancy **bleep**. you know what I mean **bleep** iris scanners and so on but software and price wise they are **bleep**. my s8+ with huge screen doesn't get updates for improved gestures. but cheap A series made of plastic gets it...Samsung does 3 year support apple does 5 year
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Galaxy S
True,but you know I don't like cracking open a phone to change a battery, and a battery lasts 2 years anyways,in any device. The outdated os is also not such a big deal as the apps still updates and at least on the s8 you still get security updates. I guess samsung knows batteries in general lasts 2 years hence the 3 years only of updates, Its better at times to nuy a budget device,I really was surprised by the A71,its a stunning device amd a relatively good price, still better and offers a lot for your money hard to distinguish it from the flagship phones. Of course it will be desirable if they offer 5 years of support, but the other challenge is that the hardware might have a challenge coping with the modern and more advanced apps and you might have a limited experience that ruins your usage of the phone. Samsung has pretty solid cables and chargers and will surely stand 5 years, just not so sure of hardware vs more advancements in apps.