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Music tracks no longer playing

(Topic created on: 03-09-2021 08:36 PM)
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I have a galaxy s6 edge+



I went to connect my phone to my bluetooth speaker to play music & nothing happens. I've got it connected to the speaker but nothing plays. I've connected to a different speaker nothing happens & I've checked my main speaker with another phone & it works fine so the problem is with my phone. 


Also my phone has stopped playing certain tracks. It's my own music files from ages ago that I've transferred to the phone so it's not been bought through iTunes or any other platform. 


The file extensions are normally all mp3 or wma files & the fault is on both types but It will still play other songs of both of those types too so I'm really confused. Playing directly on my phone, i.e. no Bluetooth It says it's playing but nothing is actually playing and no sound comes out.


These are all tracks I've played dozens of times before with no issues at all & no connectivity issues either. The Samsung music app is up to date.  


Im not sure if my clearing cookies or cache from the internet has caused a problem as my phone had been acting a bit odd since i did that but i wouldn't have thought that should have caused any problems in other areas


Can someone help me please? 

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You can try to download any other music player to test your files. Or simply try to play them on your PC to check if those files are corrupted or something.
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