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Multipack wallpaper

(Topic created on: 02-29-2024 10:41 AM)
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After placing multipack wallpaper for my lock screen, the wallpaper app keeps crashing and sending notifications that the app has crashed?
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I'm sorry to hear this😔
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If you're experiencing issues with a wallpaper app crashing after setting a multipack wallpaper for your lock screen, there are several steps you can take to try to resolve the problem:

### 1. Clear App Cache and Data:
1. Go to Settings on your device.
2. Find and tap on "Apps" or "Applications."
3. Scroll down and find the wallpaper app that is crashing.
4. Tap on the app, then select "Storage."
5. Tap on "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data."

### 2. Update the App:
1. Open the Google Play Store.
2. Tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner.
3. Select "My apps & games."
4. Find the wallpaper app in the list.
5. If there's an "Update" button next to the app, tap on it to update the app to the latest version.

### 3. Restart Your Device:
Sometimes a simple restart can resolve temporary glitches.

### 4. Reinstall the App:
1. Uninstall the wallpaper app from your device.
2. Go to the Google Play Store and reinstall the app.

### 5. Check Permissions:
1. Make sure the wallpaper app has the necessary permissions.
2. Go to Settings > Apps > [Wallpaper App] > Permissions.
3. Ensure that permissions like Storage, Contacts, and others required by the app are enabled.

### 6. Try a Different Wallpaper:
If the crashing persists with the multipack wallpaper, try using a different wallpaper from the app to see if it's a specific issue with that multipack.

### 7. Contact App Developer:
If none of the above steps work, you may want to contact the developer of the wallpaper app. They may have specific troubleshooting steps or be aware of the issue.

### 8. Check for System Updates:
Make sure your device has the latest software updates installed. Sometimes system updates can fix compatibility issues with apps.

### 9. Use a Different Wallpaper App:
If the issue persists and you can't get the current wallpaper app to work, consider using a different wallpaper app from the Play Store.

### 10. Report the Issue:
If the app continues to crash, you can also report the issue to Google:
1. Go to the app's page on the Google Play Store.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
3. Tap on "Send email" to send a report to the app developer and Google.

These steps should help in troubleshooting the wallpaper app crashing issue on your device. If the problem continues, it might be a specific compatibility issue with your device model, in which case reaching out to the app developer or Samsung support might provide more tailored assistance.
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I am having Dex connectivity issues. It's works on my laptop but not works on my Samsung Smart TV. My last mobile samsung galaxy note 10 plus instantly connect wirelessly but S24ultra didn't connect once.

Please advise on this issue.
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you can try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem:

* Restart Your Device
* Clear App Cache and Data: Go to Settings > Apps > Wallpaper App, then tap on "Storage." From there, you can clear the cache and data for the app.
*Update the App
*Try a Different Wallpaper
*Check for System Updates
*Uninstall and Reinstall the App