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More leaked Galaxy S21 FE hands-on photos reveal all about the design

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The Galaxy S21 FE is up for another round of leaked photos, and this time around, the phone is whole and appears to be booting up. The last time we saw the Galaxy S21 FE in hands-on photos was a couple of weeks ago when a part supplier began selling the phone’s back panel prematurely; however, the latest leak showcases a fully-functioning Galaxy S21 FE from every angle.

The phone looks pretty much as you would expect if you followed the recent news. It has a polycarbonate build with a metal frame, an Infinity-O display cutout, and a camera housing that resembles the Galaxy S21. The location of the LED flash matches leaked case renders, and the display seems to be completely flat.

The lower edge of the device accommodates the speaker, the SIM card tray, and the USB-C port, but the phone lacks a 3.5mm headphone port.


Galaxy S21 FE should release in a few other color options

The Galaxy S21 FE shown in these hands-on photos (via @Abhisheksoni130) has a dark gray finish, yet rumors indicate that the device will be available in a range of four colors, including gray as well as light green, light violet, and white.

If true, this means the Galaxy S21 FE won’t offer nearly as many color options at launch as the Galaxy S20 FE did, which is somewhat odd given Samsung’s recent push for more customization options via Bespoke Edition devices. Maybe releasing six color options globally was too much of a logistics challenge for Samsung, or perhaps the company will introduce more customization options after launch.

Either way, the Galaxy S21 FE should be officially introduced in early January and hit the shelves by the middle of the month



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