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Mentioning down the ways I use to tweak my S20 Plus..

1. Enabling Reduce/Reduce Animations Options.

2. Enabling Developer Options and turning animations to .5X.

3. Disabling all apps Background Activities and Background Mobile Data Activities.

4. Turning on "Optimizing Battery Option" for all apps.

5. Disabling App Permissions for all the apps that do not require those specific permissions. Basically those permissions which an App does not need and can run without those permissions.

6. Disabling "Appear On Top" for the apps that need this specific feature. Only turning on this feature for the Apps that I use.

7. Disabling Apps that control WIFI settings i.e. turn WIFI On Or Of.

8. Disabling Apps that can change system settings.

9. Putting Apps to Sleep And Deep Sleep.

10. Disabling all the System Apps that can be disabled.

11. Using Dark Mode.

12. Adaptive Brightness.

13. Using Blue Light Filter - Sometimes.

14. Using Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Power Saving Mode.

15. Enabling "Put Unused Apps To Sleep" Option.
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I have s20 plus, very fast jnternal storage is filling to 128 gb, i have deleted many apps, many photos, i am sad

advise what else to do ?
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transfer all apps apart from samsung preloaded to sd card