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Messaging app misbehaving

(Topic created on: 12-26-2021 11:07 PM)
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Appears in recent apps often. Can't open from recents then. I think this might be the reason for my phone's screen blinking problem appears while using apps.
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Sorry for facing such issues, kindly try the folowing:

- Restart your device by pressing and holding the Volume down and Power key for 7 to 10 seconds.

- Check if you have installed any third party application, it may cause the issue.

- Check if you have any updates for your device. Setting > Software update > Install.

- Try to clear the cache App that is crashing > Setting > Apps > Select the App > Tap Storage > Clear cache.

- If the same issue occurs, kindly send us the device logs. The device logs you will send it via Samsung Members App> the technicians will diagnose these logs to determine the cause > they will respond to you with the solution and if you need to go to service center for physical diagnosis.


- To send the device logs, please follow the below:

Press and hold Samsung members Icon > Then tap on Error reports > Select category of your report > Make sure that "Send Log Data" is selected to help resolve your inquire > Describe your problem in details > Change the frequency to whatever you prefer > Then send it.

For more information regarding, you are welcome to visit our website and watch tutorial sending logs by following the link below:


Let us know if this is helpful