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Ive updated my s7 edge to oreo n macro is not working in pro mode

(Topic created on: 06-19-2018 11:21 AM)
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the macro was awesome in previous version 7.0...
but now in oreo maro in auto mode an macro in pro mode are clicking same shots no difference.
no use of manual focus if i talk about macro.
any one faced this. suggest me any solution if there is any.
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Thank you for being with Samsung and sharing the concern. We would request you to provide logs/video within 15 minutes of issue occurrence by registering this feedback in Error Section (Samsung Members App -> Feedback -> Questions/Errors -> Create -> Error reports) so that your concern can be resolved soon. Be sure to hit ♡ when you find an answer that works for you.
For Further assistance, you can get in touch with us via Live Chat option by following- http://livechat.support.samsung.com/Customer_new/IN. You can also connect us via Samsung Members web community by following mentioned url https://community.samsungmembers.com/en_IN#/