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Hello, Few Days ago I updated my July Security Patch 2021 on Samsung S10 Lite , and after the update on day 1 it stop fast charging and day 2 it shop to normal charging via original charger and type C cable.

I tried to replace the charger and cable but it don't work So I decided to give a try to USB Cable and  out the suprise my phone begin charging with USB to Type C cable but not with type C to C ( Provided with Device ) and it had also stop charging from one side and even the Type C earphone have stopped working after the update again it show device connected and disconnected problem I also had experience same earphone error but it get fixed after I update my phone.



Is there any soln to fix charging issues ? 

Pls help ASAP. 


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This is regarding the battery charging issue being faced on my Galaxy S10 Lite since the recent June/July update. I have also generated system log dump by dialing *#9900# which I have attached with this mail for inspection of the technical team.

Due to the charging issues faced by me, and many other S10 Lite users after June/July update, my S10 Lite's charging is starting showing problems. When I was on April update, My phone displayed a notification for an update being available and subsequently, I downloaded the July update which was 300mb+ in size and surprisingly, the charging issue came back even on the new and replaced Type-C port. I have two chargers available with me, both of them being official Samsung in-box chargers. One of them is the one that came with my Galaxy S10 Lite, and the other one is that came in the box with my Samsung M30s, but the phone is charging slowly 8 out of 10 times with both of the chargers.

The main issue is that the phone is dropping charging speeds from 4000mA/hour (Fast 25w) to about 1000mA/hour (Slower than 15w) as per the data by the Charge Meter app, and also the Ampere app available on Play Store. Also, switching from fast / slow charging is possible even when the phone is being charged, which should not be possible technically, and was impossible on earlier software versions too. I think the last update broke the charging speed controller software. Pls fix the issue with an update as soon as possible. I have also reported this error on the Samsung Members app, but I've got a copy paste response from there twice.
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

We apologize for your inconvenience. Please visit this mentioned link to resolve your charging related issue:

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Open Samsung Members Application > Get help > Send Feedback > Error report/Ask questions).

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support

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It is problem with software update why can't you provide another update?
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I too have the same issue, it started earlier in the year. 

Yesterday my phone stopped charging fully, I went out and bought a brand new samsung charger (the guy in the shop tried it with his s20 and it worked on fast charging, got home and plugged in my s10lite... nothing! 

I tried to put my device into recovery mode to clear the cache... I was unable to, no matter what combination of volume key and power key it didn't work.

I then cleared my device to factory settings.... the new charger and the old one kind of worked, in so much that it seemed to be "short cycling" like a few times a second, I was unable to change which device was in control of the usb port or anything... I know both these chargers work as they work on my old samsung device, the only option I have is to charge my device with an old HTC Wildfire charger, that now must be 12 years old, just to charge 20% takes over an hour....

I have tried your steps above and guess what, the device wouldn't charge, so this is undoubtedly an issue with your updates. 

Please sort this out, the device is less than a year old and where I live they are dammed expensive (the device cost more than the laptop that I am typing this with now and my laptop isn't even 6 months old!).