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Instagram & Whatsapp issue.

(Topic created on: 04-16-2022 03:15 PM)
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Galaxy S
Instagram - As I open the page and start scrolling, the videos doesn't play automatically even if the feature is turned on and there is a lag in playing the videos in the homepage. Sometimes I might need to click the videos to open and see it. 

Whatsapp - If I have been sent a set of videos, I click to watch the video, swiping onto the next video, it doesn't play and I need to go back and click the video again. 

I had Uninstalled both apps and reinstalled and yet the issue remains. Both apps are updated and am facing this issue on S22 Ultra. 

Kindly advice. 

Galaxy S
Hey buddy, not sure what's happening but I'm not facing this bug. Try clearing the cache of the apps and maybe even restarting your phone 🙈
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I Have The Same Issue
I Did This Procedures
But Still Have Instagram's Issue
Galaxy S
Galaxy S
I Think After The February Patch Update Every Devices Might Have The Same Issue