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Icon Shapes

(Topic created on: 12-24-2022 12:52 PM)
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Hi I'm Requesting you to Please Change the Icon Shapes And Apps Tray Shapes Are Not Good to see. Original Shapes in Google Play store Shapes Are Good to See 👀.I am requesting Samsung's RND Department To Think about it. In one Ui 5 you had bring more Successful Updates. Only Forgotten About this Important Update About App Shapes I am a long time ️ User of Samsung Device .Right now I am Using S22 ultra. In This Premium Device why I need to Depend on Good Luck App To Change the Icon Shapes ???. Why don't you include this one of the Most important thing to your and Our One Ui 5 ?



Dear Samsung I am your one of Die hard fan of your Designs and Innovation 💡 Please Think about it.................
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Hey, I appreciate the effort you took to write this post.

Personally, I feel icon shapes design varies from individual to individual and cannot satisfy everyone. So for them to allow us to change the icon shape on an app gives us hope. Maybe in the future it will be included within the OS.

Cheers 💙