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I Broke My S23Ultra's Screen In Half, Is Samsung Care+ Worth It After 16 Months?

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It's official, first time i have a shattered screen, i once had a defect and the screen went off, but this was new.

So that's a horrible situation honestly, those things are not cheap to replace, but luckily for me, with online pre-ordered devices from samsung.com, you get 2 years of Samsung Care+, which in my case had 9 months left!

I wanted to share my replacement experience by sharing the timeline beginning to end.

  • Went in the Samsung Members App, under Support, and checked the validity of the Warranty, once confirmed it's still active, i went ahead and called to book an appointment for repair, which is something you can do from the app too, but i prefer to speak to a human.

  • I called Samsung's hotline and booked an appointment on Friday the 26th of April, and selected the Door to Door service, which allows me to stay home and have someone come pick up the device, for no additional fees!!

  • After 4 days went by without anyone contacting me, i called back to complain and follow up as i felt they are in a coma, which they actually were in, that was Tuesday the 30th of April.

  • I received a couple of hours later a call from the service center, to reconfirm my information and address.

  • On Wednesday May 1st, the courier called me to pick up the device in the morning.

  • Received a call from the service center same day to inform me that the screen needs replacement, the cost will be AED189 only, as it's the premium to pay, instead of the full cost of the screen which is around AED1200. I gave them my approval to proceed.

  • On Friday May 3rd, the phone was fixed, and i was required to pay the AED189 for them to deliver, so i requested online payment and an sms link was sent to me. I was informed that once the payment is successful and confirmed, the device will be sent. I paid online in seconds, pretty easy process.
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  • And finally, on Monday the 6th of May, i have received a call that the device is being delivered, and it was brought back to my door step.(Screenshot taken yesterday, showing the word "Today" but it was yesterday Monday)


So in total,it took 10 days to repair the phone. On a normal week or month, it's too much, with unnecessary delays, but taking into consideration 2 weekends, and coming after a rainy week, it's fine. When my phone had a defect, i went personally to the Service center, came back the next day to pick up the fixed device, they can fix same day or max in 1 day, but i won't nit pick now.

But let's talk about Samsung Care+, and especially 16 months after buying the phone, and the situation:

  1. I only paid a premium of AED189 for a screen that costs approximately AED1200 to repair.
  2. I'm allowed 2 screen claims during the 2 years, 1 claim per year.
  3. It was a door to door service, no need to go anywhere(i have the S24Ultra so i was not in a hurry, this is my backup phone)
  4. i still have 9 months of warranty left.
I definitely recommend you to get it, it's a no brainer, if you are planning to use the phone for more than a year, pay the extra AED499 if you can, they will save you thousands(2 broken screens is AED2400)

20240506_183954.jpg 20240506_183803.jpg


I bought a Tab S9 Ultra last week, and it was the first thing i got for it, i have my large screen now covered!!

Here's the link to how you can get it, take a look, you can add it up to 59 days after buying your device, you have 2 options of 1 or 2 years of coverage, for phones, watches and tablets too!!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Glad you got your phone fixed.

Do you use this phone with a screen protector & case?
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Morning, yes, usually dbrand cases + skins, and mobile outfitters screen protector. But what cracked the screen was not a drop, but lots of pressure from a huge heavy marble table top.
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Ok. Oh dear re table top pressure.
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Great post with all details.
I highly recommend getting Care+ for phones as items like display, mother board can cost a lot.
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Agreed, S23U, S24U, Tab S9U and Watch 6 Classic all covered ☺️