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How to turn off autohide status bar on Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra ?

(Topic created on: 02-07-2024 10:18 PM)
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After the recent update I am facing one annoying feature which is my status bar goes auto hide on the home screen. I tried to figure out all the possible ways but couldn't succeed. If anyone is facing the same issue or know the soluti I need to my problem. Please let me know. Thanks 
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There are these two settings which let's you hide the status bar. Check it out Screenshot_20220822-125328_Settings Suggestions_18976_1661158408.jpg
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Hide option is already off but status bar is still hidden. That answer did not help. 

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Under display, go to navigation bar. I think this is what you meant 🙈Screenshot_20230416_060652_Settings_1000041978_1681610812.jpg
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Those options stand for screenshot options. You may hide icons or the statusbar when making  screenshots.

People must activate developer options on Settings menu and enable USB debug in order to keep statusbar or hide again in the phone.

Then must use a computer, install adb tool on it and connect phone to computer using the cable.

To revert status bar autohide you'll now use adb command on computer:

Type the following to list the phone connected to computer

adb devices

You'll need to grant phone access to computer

Now type

adb shell settings put global policy_control null*

Now the statusbar is shown constantly just like is normally.