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Green tint on my New S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 11-08-2022 10:38 AM)
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I started using my S22 Ultra this June. By October first week, I started having a green tint on my screen. My phone does not have a history of impact. It never fell down or was never in contact with water. 
My phone is still under warranty but when I took it to the Samsung service Center (Bin Hindi - Agency in Bahrain), i was told its external damage and would not be covered under warranty and refused to repair it for me although it had never fallen down.I was asked to pay for the replacement of the screen. 
I had used my previous Samsung phone S9+ for 5years and then decided to change it this year. I went with the same brand although I had seen many complaints online about the green tinting. 

I would like to know the solution to this without having to be the one to pay for the repair.