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Green line issue

(Topic created on: 06-02-2023 03:58 AM)
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Galaxy S
Why does the green line issue occur in Samsung flagship models and what are the ways to prevent it before it occurs?
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Galaxy S
Hi 👋
Most of people's got that issue in these days and lot of people trying to figure it out what is happening in those sam displays.

As my experience currently it happening due to 2 things

1. Because software issue
2. Display ribbon damage cause high temperature 🌡

I guess i have nothing to describe in 1st issue 🤷‍♂️ so I'm going to discribe about 2nd issue

You know chipset, motherboard and battery generate a lot of heat, especially Exynos devices generate a lot of heat and some hardware components can't withstand that temperature, so that is why ribbon getting damage the display. and that kind of heat damages the tiny thin copper wires in the ribbon, that is why the green lines appear on the display.
I think you must have seen the back panels of some smartphones coming off, that cause high temperature too.

Few days ago i saw a video about how foreign countries fix the green lines and pink lines on the displays using laser. It was kinda amazing to me. Watch it on YouTube.

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