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Green line and screen tint

(Topic created on: 12-19-2021 04:27 AM)
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My galaxy S9 screen become tint and green lines start to appear when brightness between 10% to 80%.

Samsung service center told me it is needs to be replace the display. It will cost LKR 55,000.00 (300 USD)

It is a manufacturing defect of Samsung AMOLED display and Samsung refuse to replace at free of cost.

Many users have reported the issue.

I never buy Samsung devices in the future 
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Better have a deep look on all
Nokia is good in Cam and Battery as spec sheet but
Apple is best cause dust water resistance so and so....
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I will checkout Nokia. I really not considered .
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It seems its a wide spread issue, so it seems to be a faulty screen in S20 pluse models which is a flag ship phone and it seems Samsung is aware of the issue and if they are not fixing it, definitely there is no point in continuing with Samsung in future, i am having same issue with my phone.