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Green/White lines plague only some US carrier Galaxy S24 Ultra units

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US carrier variants of Samsung’s galaxy s24 ultra seem to be the primary victim of the “Green and White lines on display” issue. Recently, we’ve reported that an S24 Ultra got affected by the Green and White lines problem, even without any kind of drop or accidental damage.

Some recent incidents indicate that only some US carrier-locked models of the Galaxy S24 Ultra are getting affected by the Green and White lines issue. In response to a consumer’s complaint, Samsung’s support team advised him to approach T-Mobile, citing their responsibility.

As reported by PhoneArena, another Galaxy S24 Ultra owner had the same issue and was told that Samsung would not take responsibility because it was a “Verizon issue.” This means that if you have bought an S24 Ultra Unlocked from Samsung, you don’t have to worry about it.

While the display issue is considered a manufacturing defect by the vendor, carriers are offering returns. This leaves consumers disappointed as they lose all the reservation and pre-order discounts received while owning the company’s new flagship.

It’s worth noting that some carriers are also charging a $50 restocking fee on returns. So if you are having the same issue and preparing for a return, make sure in advance that you are not paying any hidden/additional charges nor losing pre-booking benefits.

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Kindly visit the service center directly.