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I got my #CloudNavy S20 FE recently and was raring to get started with gaming on the best displays Samsung has put out. Being a old time Samsung loyalist, from the original Galaxy S to the S20 FE, I expected nothing short of amazing.
However, the gaming experience for the first 2 days was average at best. The game stuttered and lagged, dropped framerates more than my S9 Plus would.
Until, I figured out the reason. The reason wasn't the phone. It was the game settings. I had set the setting to medium since I was playing on the S9 Plus.
The moment I changed it to highest, the game just ran smooth as ever. I guess undertuning performance is not something Exynos appreciates much. My S10 Lite runs any settings great, including Highest. But the S20 FE runs better than all the other devices on Highest settings. On lower settings the game stutters and drops frames. 
For everyone considering gaming on the device, set it to high or highest and enjoy an amazing gaming experience.