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Though smartphones have become faster, thinner, prettier, and more capable in the last decade, they haven’t necessarily become more durable. In fact, it can be argued that recent smartphones have become more fragile as manufacturers started opting for glass and unibody designs to make them feel premium. This has made out-of-warranty repairs difficult and more expensive. Samsung’s Galaxy devices are no different and repairing them can be a costly affair. The company hasn’t undertaken any major steps to change any of this. However, it is now trying to make out-of-warranty repairs more transparent for its Galaxy smartphone customers in India by listing key spare part prices on its website. ADVERTISING The website categorizes all the current Galaxy smartphones under their respective series and shows their spare part costs. The list doesn’t cover all the components and shows part prices for only display, motherboard, battery kit, and back glass. It is also worth noting that the actual cost of repair may be higher than the cost of the spare parts due to labor charges, taxes, and other cost components. Samsung is not the first company to do this. The world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, also has a similar system to check spare part prices online. Also, it appears Samsung doesn’t offer this information in all the regions around the world. Hopefully, that will change soon and the company brings it to all the markets.